14 Day Body Reset Cleanse and My Personal Journey Through it

This is a brief story of what the 14 day “cleanse” is and my personal journey through it. First of all this program is very thoroughly researched by doctors and nutritionists who are partnered with the Health Coach Institute. (this is where I received my Health Coach certification in April of 2019).  I have adapted it into a program that I offer my clients.

Reset your body

I am a firm believer in practicing what I preach and also feel that I cannot promote a product or service unless I have used it or participated in it myself.  So that’s when I decided I would complete this “cleanse” myself before offering it as a program to my clients.

I asked 3 of my friends to participate for free with the premise that they would promote my business in return if this turned out to be a valuable program.  I also asked them in return for this complimentary program was their testimonials and results at the end of the 14 days.  I will post their results later  at the bottom of this blog post.


Here is MY journey…..

Day 1: pre-cleanse day #1 – read through all materials and cut back on caffeine intake (easy enough)

Day 2: pre-cleanse day #2: down to 2 cups of decaf coffee and no sugar. Symptoms: slight headache began in the evening

Day 3: day 1 of cleanse:  woke up with slight headache ZERO COFFEE! 

Day 4: 2nd of cleanse – massive headache today.  

Day 5: 3rd day of cleanse – massive headache.  Upped the water intake today.

Day 6: 4th day of cleanse. Headache is gone.   Feel much better today. More energy.  

Day 7: 5th day of cleanse. Slept better last night.  Woke up feeling rested.  Energy level is up

Day 8: 6th day of cleanse – feel more energetic and foggy brain is gone. No bloating, belly rumbling or gas. 

Day 9: 7th day of cleanse – no symptoms. Feeling great. 

Day 10: 1st day of re-introduction – added gluten.  Slight symptoms occurred in the evening; bloating and gas

Day 11: 2nd day of re-introduction – added gluten. Slight constipation, bloating and gas all day and evening.

Day 12: 3rd day of re-introduction – feeling better.  Added more water

Day 13: 4th day of re-introduction – feeling great. no symptoms

Day 14: 5th day of re-introduction – added dairy.  Gas, stomach cramps, bloating throughout the day.  Sinus mucus increased, and acne breakout by evening

(I will continue to eat as I was on the cleanse portion of this program as I felt so much better with the elimination of certain foods. More energy, less bloating, clearer skin, and better sleep.

The body reset program  was absolutely beneficial for me.  I have IBS, am lactose intolerant, and have multiple food allergies.  (Chronic Uticaria Angioedema  Syndrome – formerly called Pollen Food Allergy Syndrome) Not only did I feel so much better, but I also lost a couple of pounds secondary to the healthier eating habits. I was able to eliminate multiple foods at once and learned how to reintroduce them one at a time to recognize what I was more sensitive to.  I would definitely recommend this program to my clients.



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