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5 Ways to Work on Natural Health

Natural Remedies

What is natural health? One step to improving health conditions is recognizing what exactly natural health is. Most people think of health as their diet and exercise. However, there are actually 5 components of natural health. This includes physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and mental health. In this blog post, learn 5 ways to work on natural health to live a better life. Touching upon physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and mental health can help live healthier, and happier lives. All must be identified, in order to achieve healthy holistic health. Natural health doesn’t operate in a silo, but rather with all components on your health. Looking for natural health solutions and natural remedies? Rest assured that you’ve come to the right place.

Natural Health 

Natural health is a holistic approach to overall health and wellness. Instead of only focusing on exercise and diet, natural health encompasses a range of life’s components. Such as, how you sleep, how much self love you give yourself, how you deal with stress, and how you take care of your mental health. The importance of natural health is focusing on what is natural, instead of using medications. The importance of natural health is longevity and vitality. Who doesn’t want to live a longer, more fulfilled, happy life? Following a natural health approach will give you all these things, and more. Learn to eliminate unhealthy habits, detoxifying cleanses, and choosing positive health choices. A natural approach to holistic health is easier to accomplish alongside a health coach.

Denise Blake, a certified health and life coach can help you deal with stress, suggest natural remedies, and keep you accountable to your health and lifestyle goals.

5 Ways to Work on Natural Health

Natural Remedies 5 Ways to Work on Natural Health
  1. Maintain healthy physical health. This includes getting adequate sleep, nourishing your body with a nutrient-dense diet, exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, limiting alcohol consumption, and limit deep-fried and processed foods. 
  2. Safeguard Emotional Health. Thankfully, long gone are the days when mental health is taboo. The most successful people safeguard their emotional health with natural remedies. Denise Blake, life and health coach suggests daily journaling for gratitude and to “mind dump”. Get those thoughts onto paper, and outside of your head for true peace. In addition, enjoy meditating and yoga to clear negative energies, and go within.
  3. Social Health. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand it’s difficult to maintain a human physical connection. However, keeping in touch with friends and loved ones virtually, can absolutely increase social health. A natural remedy is to connect over Zoom. We also suggest assimilating yourself within some type of online community. There are tons of Facebook groups for single moms, entrepreneurs, gardeners, dog lovers, and other interest groups. Whatever your interests are, get online to increase your social health.
  4. Spiritual Natural Remedies. If you are not religious, we are not suggesting to be someone you are not. There are other ways to connect with your soul, and who you truly are. One simple and free natural remedy is to meditate with guided meditation videos on YouTube. As a beginner, start with 5 minutes a day and gradually work your way up to 15 minutes a day. If meditation scares you, even more reason to try it out. However, another spiritual natural remedy is to spend time in nature. 
  5. Mental Natural Health. Living a life of purpose and direction assists with positive mental health. We recommend seeking out learning opportunities to keep your brain focused and challenged. Also, nutrient-dense diets can improve mental health dramatically. It’s recommended to stock up on grocery items like avocados, spinach, salmon, and other foods that are rich in Omega 3s. 

Natural Health Solutions

Natural Remedies 
5 Ways to Work on Natural Health

Natural Health Solutions are cost-effective and intuitive. Thankfully, many natural health solutions are accessible to all. Each human being is different and has different requirements for natural health solutions. For a customized natural health solution guide, be sure to speak directly with health coach, Denise Blake. For a limited time offer, book a free 30-minute discovery call with Denise.  Together, you can collaborate. Focus on stress management techniques, nutrition requirements, meditation techniques, detoxes, cold prevention, and much more. The best part about working with a natural health coach is it’s empowering and affordable for any budget.

Natural Remedies

5 Ways to Work on Natural Health drink chamomile tea

Instead of running to your family doctor when you have a problem, undoubtedly a natural remedy may be your ultimate solution. For example, the use of probiotics, vitamins, tea, spices, and other natural remedies have powerful effects that are often overlooked. Did you know that a probiotic can improve your gut health? This, in turn, helps with your mental health. Natural remedies incorporate our natural human bodies for healing purposes. A lot of our patients suffer from exhaustion and problems sleeping. Instead of prescribing a heavy sleeping pill try drinking chamomile tea. A Chinese study demonstrated that those who drank chamomile tea for 2 weeks, experienced greater sleep quality.

Health Coach Denise Blake

Depending on what natural remedy you need, get in touch with Health Coach Denise Blake.  The journey to better natural health begins with a health coach for accountability, knowledge, and companionship. Did you enjoy learning about 5 ways to work on natural health? Share it with your friends and family! You just never know who might need the gift of natural health remedies.

5 Ways to Work on Natural Health
Denise Blake, Life and Health Coach

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