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Stay a while, get cozy. Denise is a certified health and life coach dedicating to helping you live your best life. Tap into your truest potential with empowering health tips. At Denise Blake Health and Life Coaching, benefit from wholesome, natural nutritional advice. Here, we stay clear from dieting. Denise is a caring, health wellness coach dedicated to empowering YOU

Health Wellness Coach

health wellness

This blog is focused on health, wellness, longevity and purpose. Find tips and tricks to spark your health journey. Explore new perspectives about:

  • natural health and remedies
  • lifestyle changes, nutrition,
  • benefits of a health coach. 
  • And much more.

Enjoy the blog posts, and give yourself a pat on the back. Your dedication to health and wellness is applauded. Keep up the prosperous journey towards longevity, purpose, and happiness. 

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How to Find a Life Mentor

A life mentor can think outside the box, and see the bigger picture. In our own lives, it’s often difficult to see a different perspective. As we are so caught up in our daily lives. However, working with a mentor for your professional, or private life can save you years of hard work. Are you

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No Offence, But . . . .

No offence, but……… This post was inspired by a comment that was made about my weight. (I will say inspired, because I was inspired to

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