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Do I need a Health Coach for Lifestyle Changes?

Do I need a Health Coach for Lifestyle Changes?

We often go to our family doctors for routine blood tests and check-ups. But, when was the last time your family doctor asked about your diet, your exercise routine, your stress levels, and your sex life? Our family doctors typically perform reactive treatment and are quick to diagnose a new trendy prescription. What if you don’t need a prescription and just a natural remedy instead? For example, a health coach can improve diet, exercise, stress levels, and sex life. Through empowering one-on-one sessions, a health coach can empower lifestyle changes. Ready to learn about the benefits of working with a health coach? 

Do I need a Health Coach for Lifestyle Changes?

Chances are, if you have asked yourself the above question, then a health coach will be beneficial. Asking for help with lifestyle changes is not a weakness, instead, it’s a sign of strength and an act of true self-love. Imagine reclaiming ownership, strength, and power to determine your life circumstances? What if I told you that you can determine your circumstances with lifestyle changes? We all have one life to live, and if you can show up for yourself and recognize the need for a lifestyle change, then you’re on the path to greatness!

What is a Health Coach?

Do I need a Health Coach for Lifestyle Changes? Health Coach Denise Blake

A health coach does not create workout plans or make you rise out of bed at 4 am. A health coach will never make you do anything that you don’t want to do for yourself. Working with a health coach is empowering as together you brainstorm ideas to improve your diet, exercise, stress level, and sex life! Through one-on-one coaching, a health coach will brainstorm ideas for healthier choices. Together, you find what really motivates you. Let’s say, your job is incredibly stressful and you’ve been spending countless nights tossing and turning. Alone, it’s hard to come up with a solution. However, a health coach assists with creating a client-driven action plan to manage stress better. Of course, the same client-driven action plans can be developed for your diet, exercise and sex life. 

5 Benefits of Working with a Health Coach

5 Benefits of Working with a Health Coach

  1. Boost Confidence. By addressing lifestyle changes with a health coach, individuals felt much more confident about life. Going on about life without addressing the elephant in the room is living a life in denial. However, acknowledging the need for lifestyle changes, and making an action plan for the future is empowering, and will boost confidence. 
  2. Lose Weight. The incredible benefit of working with a health coach is to get honest about your diet, and nutrition. A health coach might encourage the use of a food diary, so you can get a clearer picture of what you are putting into your body. Working with a health coach allows for brainstorming healthier choices, which evidently led to weight loss. Clients of Health Coach Denise Blake see weight loss, without even trying so hard. Just the very act of being mindful helps to limit unnecessary calorie intake. 
  3. Increase Happiness. A health coach will empower you to work towards your dreams. You can live a life of purpose, and prosperity. Without a health coach empowering you, it is more difficult to make lifestyle changes. Having a support system leads to an increase in happiness as suddenly you’re no longer alone.
  4. Increase Self Awareness. Long gone are the days of hiding from your true purpose. A health coach will keep you accountable for your goals, and dreams. Have a greater sense of self-awareness by living your true purpose every day, with client-driven action plans to keep you accountable and ready for life’s challenges.
  5. Receive a personalized client-driven action plan. One core benefit of working with a health coach is receiving a personalized plan that suits your specific needs. There is no “one plan fits all”. Instead, working with a health coach is empowering as you’re still the boss. You direct the health coach about what you need most, and the health coach creates a plan based on your needs. Curious about what your action plan will look like? Contact Health Coach, Denise Blake today.

What to Expect from a Health Coach? 

Lifestyle changes with certified health coach denise blake

If you’ve never spoken to a health coach before, you’re in for a treat. A health coach is your personal mentor to accomplish your wildest dreams. Curious about what a health coach can do for your life? Book a free discovery call with certified health coach Denise Blake. Here is what to expect when meeting with a health coach:

  1. Health History. Be prepared to share with your health coach your family health history. The more information you provide the health coach, the more beneficial it will be. Disclose everything about your health so a health coach can best serve you.
  2. Good Intentions. It’s only natural that every human being wants to change something about ourselves. You don’t have to have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish, but be prepared to share your dreams and goals. A health coach will help you clarify your goals and determine a path forward.
  3. Open Mind.  A health coach is your cheerleader, your personal mentor, and is there to help you. Keep an open mind by believing that a health coach can help you with lifestyle changes. Be positive, and keep an open mind at all times. The more open you are, the more flourishing rewards will come your way.
  4. Payment.  A health coach is an investment in your prosperity. It is human nature, that if we make a financial commitment, then we are much more engaged.  More engagement, means better results.  When you invest in something financially you are more likely to follow through.  You are important, and so is your health. Health is wealth. An investment in your health is an investment in yourself.

lifestyle changes with a health coach denise blake


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