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Hey there friend!

I am Denise Blake; a Certified Health, Wellness and Life Coach and former foster youth. 

In addition, I work as a Registered Cardiology Technologist in a hospital in a tiny town on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, Canada. I am an entrepreneur, writer/blogger, Canadian, and HUMAN. I love the ocean, all things nature, dogs, lighthouses, churches, castles, books, movies, and of course COFFEE!

My life’s journey has brought me through many obstacles and challenges throughout the years.  I have struggled with self-esteem, self-love, self-worth, anxiety, PTSD, and depression.  This is what led me to my “calling” and obtaining my certification as a Health, Wellness and Life Coach.

I know how difficult it is to move past trauma.  It never really goes away.  What I have learned over the years through much research, self-care and mindset changes, is how to cope with it all in a positive way that allows me to live a purposeful and fulfilled life. Everyone can benefit from a health, wellness and life coach.

Through my health coaching programs, I empower busy women and former foster youth to focus on their health to prevent, manage, or reverse lifestyle challenges and master the art of habit change. 

My life coaching programs focus on helping my clients identify specific life goals (whether they be with regard to relationships, finances, career, self, that which is greater, etc.) and develop an actionable plan to achieve them. 

Book a free discovery call to unlock your journey to health, wellness and life coaching. Together, let’s maximize your full potential and reach your desired results! 


My Passion

I empower women who want to become better versions of themselves. Whether it is a struggle with self-esteem, body confidence, past trauma, anxiety, unhealthy habits, or anything that is stopping you from becoming who you want to be, I am here for you! I can be your guru, motivator, cheerleader, second mom, soul sister and wellness, life and health coach!

I am dedicated to providing a supportive and encouraging platform to women who need a little bit of tough love and an equal amount of empathy and compassion to help them help themselves. I have an insatiable passion for helping people and for writing. That is where my true passion lies.

If I can help even one person with my health and life coaching services, blog posts, stories, advice, motivational posts, or heart wrenching truths about my life struggles, then I will have succeeded.

What is a
Health, Wellness and Life Coach?

A Life Coach is a trained professional who works with clients across 3 domains of well-being, helping them see (and step into) the boldest, most empowered and alive version of themselves.

As your Health, Wellness and Life Coach, I will
challenge you to question how you approach every aspect of your life. Together, we will unlock your potential. Become empowered to create your desires
and become aligned with who you want to be.

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