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What is the Importance of Holistic Medicine?

With stress and anxiety levels at an all-time high, holistic medicine might be our saving grace. Do you ever wonder, “What is the importance of holistic medicine”? Are you asking yourself, “What is Holistic Medicine?”. If so, you’ve come to the right place to learn about the benefits of alternative medicine and holistic care. How often is your health jeopardized? Is your health often neglected? You’ve stumbled upon this blog post today for a divine reason. How can health and life coach Denise Blake help bring more energy, liveliness, less stress, and better sleeps to your life? Keep reading to learn more.

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine reigns from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a type of holistic care invited centuries ago by a traditional Buddhist monk. TCM focuses on energetic pathways called QI (pronounced Chee). Holistic medicine believes that these pathways can be blocked or unbalanced, and that’s why illnesses arrive. Causes of imbalance can come from environmental factors, internal factors, and lifestyle factors. That means, too much cold, or heat, too much joy or anger, and too much poor eating, and a lack of sleep can dramatically influence one’s QI.

Deepak Chopra Alternative Medicine

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Deepak Chopra, a General Practitioner himself preaches consistently about alternative medicine and holistic care. At the Chopra Centre, their mantra is “to create a truly holistic lifestyle that will help you experience your innate wholeness, balance, and wellbeing”. This captures the essence of alternative medicine. Much like Denise Blake Coaching, there are no diets to follow or rigorously exercises to complete. Instead, find what is right for your body. Develop a new intimate and strong relationship with your body, with the help of a certified life coach.

Natural Healing Abilities

Holistic medicine involves using our body’s natural healing abilities. Like conventional medicine, holistic medicine aims to prevent and heal diseases and ailments. Holistic medicine aids in a person’s overall health and wellbeing. Holistic treatment will consider a wide range of factors. This includes our physical health, lifestyle habits, spiritual beliefs, emotional wellbeing, nutritional factors, and environmental circumstances. All of these factors are considered in the umbrella of holistic medicine.

Benefits of Alternative Medicine

The importance of holistic medicine is the benefits of alternative medicine. With holistic medicine, patients can truly cure diseases and ailments, without prescriptions. Ditch the negative side-effects, and get to the root of the issue with alternative medicine. What are the benefits of alternative medicine? Let’s explore deeper:

importance of holistic medicine
  • Practitioners provide safe and natural strategies to improve holistic health. Take advantage of lifestyle changes, eating habits, and self-care practices. Explore natural strategies instead of medical drugs.
  • Actually treat underlying issues. With alternative medicine, we are not trying to reduce the symptoms, but rather to eliminate them completely. Traditional medicine only aims at making you as comfortable as possible. With alternative medicine, get prepared to get uncomfortable for true vitality. 
  • Health Prevention. Does your family have a long list of health history? Avoid complications with your own health with preventative measures. The importance of holistic health is to nourish the body, mind, and soul to avoid painful and deadly diseases down the road.

Holistic Care with a Health and Life Coach


A health and life coach focuses on holistic care through empowering lifestyle changes. Identifying areas for improvement that will lead to a healthier body, mind, and soul are the true benefits of working with a health and life coach. Empower yourself towards a better future. Similarly to TCM, a health and life coach will help bring balance and harmony into your life.

Denise Blake

Get ready to find natural remedies to restore, revitalize, and kick start your health. Make positive changes today to last a lifetime. Looking for more from Life and Health Coach Denise Blake?

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