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  1. The photo of my husband and I was taken a couple of years ago when he came in to the warf in Straitsview, Newfoundland. This photo was taken by Wendy Nuttall a professional photographer who is originally from Saskatchewan, but calls this place home for several months of the year. I spent a few hours with her one morning taking photos for my lifestyle website. You can check out her Facebook page “Wendy Nuttall Photography” or visit her website at http://www.wendynuttalllphotography.ca

    Straitsview is located on the northern peninsula of Newfoundland, Canada where many families make a living in the fishing industry. It is also the place that I have called “home” for the last several years.

    It’s a seasonal profession that takes husbands away from home for long days out on the water. But it is their passion. They know the ocean like the backs of their hands, and although dangerous they battle the sea every day to catch fish, lobster, crab and other types of salt water species to feed their families.

    My husband works on a factory freezer most of the year and is a shrimp fisherman, but on the summers he is not out at sea he fishes in the inshore fishery close to home.

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