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How to Find a Life Mentor

A life mentor can think outside the box, and see the bigger picture. In our own lives, it’s often difficult to see a different perspective. As we are so caught up in our daily lives. However, working with a mentor for your professional, or private life can save you years of hard work. Are you thinking to yourself, “I need a mentor for life”? If so, pat yourself on the back. It’s not easy recognizing the need for assistance, but it’s the first step to glory. But, seriously, how to find a life mentor? Can I find a mentor online? Absolutely! This article will guide how to choose a life mentor, and why a life mentor is so important.

I Need a Mentor for Life

You are not alone. A life mentor will help provide clarity and direction in your life. Finding a mentor can help figure out how things work, what your best strengths and skills are, and what to focus on. Also, you can achieve your goals quicker with a mentor. Enjoy success now, instead of waiting to figure everything out on your own. I get it, life is hard enough. Use the life experience, and lessons learned of someone else to help improve your life situation. 

4 Tips for How to Find a Life Mentor

The key to having success with a mentor is choosing the right mentor for you. Choosing a mentor might feel a little bit like dating. Take your time testing the waters. Have a coffee together, or a zoom meeting to see how in sync you both truly are. Here are 4 tips to help with finding a mentor:

how to find a life mentor
  1. Find someone you look up to.  A mentor should be someone you respect. Find someone to work with who is someone you look up to. Almost like someone you want to be in the future. 
  2. Search Online. Life and health coaches make the best mentors. They have trained and specialized in helping others. While some people may claim to be mentors, it’s best to choose a trained professional.
  3. Wait for a Natural Fit. While you may be eager to just ask anyone to be your mentor, don’t. Asking someone outright to be your mentor might be putting too much pressure on that person. Instead, have a few talks before. See if you are both truly compatible. See if you really get along with this person, then ask them to be your mentor.
  4. Allow yourself to be mentored. Mentoring is a give and takes relationship. Ask yourself if you are truly ready to let someone guide you through life. Are you going to be resistant and stubborn? If so, you might not be ready for a mentor. When you accept working with a mentor, you have to be open-minded and vulnerable. Listen to them, and grow. Or else, you’ll just be wasting everyone’s time.

Find a Mentor Online

i need a mentor for life

Thankfully, we are all connected thanks to globalization. Long gone are the days when you need to rely on your network. Now, you can find a mentor in a completely different city, or even country. Working with someone completely different than the people you normally network with, will bring enormous benefits. They will challenge you and encourage you to think outside the box. Are you looking for a life mentor? Reach out to Denise Blake, a certified health and life coach. You can book a free discovery call here to see how compatible you both are! Also, check out Denise Blake on Facebook.

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