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What Makes A Good Health And Wellness Coach?

Health and wellness coaches are like fairy grandmothers, ready to sprinkle motivation, enlightenment, and support towards your holistic health and wellness goals. Except, health and wellness coaches are not magical creatures, they are real humans who have dedicated their lives to helping others. A good health coach is not selfish, rather they are empathic and supportive of other’s health and wellness desires. Whether your goal is weight loss, to cultivate healthy habits, or to regain energy, a certified health coach can help you.  Wellness coaching means putting your best foot toward, with support and guidance. Together, learn to let go of unhealthy habits, and create new prosperous ones. Are you wondering, what is health and wellness? Or, what makes a good health and wellness coach? Well, you’re in the right spot. Let’s explore.

What are Health and Wellness?

Health and wellness are the foundations of prosperity, happiness, and longevity. Fuel your mind, body, and spirit with nurturing thoughts, habits, and nutrition. In our daily lives, health and wellness can easily get replaced by stress, anxiety, and worry. Is this you? Trust me, you are not alone. A lot of people suffer from not maintaining their health and wellness practices. We believe that health promotion should be a priority for everyone. If you no longer have time to nourish your body with a wholesome meal, or you do not take time for exercise, then be ready to take time for sickness. Who has the time for that?! Instead, invest in your longevity with a health coach. We only have one life to live, so take advantage of working with a health and life coach to reach your goals, improve energy, and change your life!

What Makes A Good Health And Wellness Coach?

what makes a good health and wellness coach?

Of course, a health and wellness coach focuses on holistic health to help achieve your health and wellness goals. But, what are some characteristics of a life coach? Be sure to find a certified health and wellness coach with the following attributes to ensure a successful endeavor.  When hiring a coach, be sure to ask yourself these following questions.

  1. Passion

    Does the coach have a true passion to help others? You can read a lot about your health coach by their facial expressions, or the tone of their voice. Are they excited to work with you? Do they sound caring? Can you sense an authentic passion to help? A great health and wellness coach wants to serve from their soul, and that passion vibrates through their interactions with you.
  2. Empowering 

    Will this wellness coach motivate you? Does your time together energize you and give you inspiration, hope, and happiness about the future?  Working with a health promoter should leave you feeling motivated, empowered, and thirsty for a life change. Get the most health-promoting benefits by working with an empowering life coach.
  3. Supportive

    Will the health and wellness coach be supportive of your needs and realities? We might all need tough love, but the degree in which we receive it matters. Will this health coach be caring, understanding, and empathic to your reality? A good health coach will be a good listener and sympathize. There needs to be a healthy balance between tough love and empathy.
  4. Continuously learning

    The best health and wellness coach will always be refreshing their knowledge. Either by reading books, or taking courses. This way, the guidance they provide is always up to date, refreshing, and up to industry standards. If a health coach continuously gets new certifications, it demonstrates a true passion for helping others. Also, if a health coach is continuously improving themselves, they will surely do wonders for your holistic health.
  5. Good Listener

    While being a good listener ties into being supportive, a good health coach will truly listen to your realities and find solutions. It’s impossible to build strategic health and wellness plans without truly understanding your struggles. Be sure to find a life coach that truly listens and gets you. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time and precious money.

Wellness Coaching

what is health and wellness?

Wellness coaching is what we should have learned in elementary school. This entails everything from improving emotional intelligence, achieving weight loss, managing stress and anxiety, and so much more. Wellness coaching helps shine light into your life by concentrating on areas for improvement. Turn hopes and dreams into fostered action with the support of a health coach.

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Benefit from a free consultation with a certified health coach, Denise Blake. Denise is emphatic, understanding, caring, and passionate. Her desire to help others is authentic and is her true purpose. Allow her to revitalize your life’s purpose with her health-promoting services. Reach out to Denise Blake, a certified health and life coach. You can book a free discovery call here to see how compatible you both are! Be sure to follow Denise on Facebook and Instagram.

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